Brain King

When we say, you sure will thrive and challenge yourself playing 'Brain King', unarguably take the word. Because we assure you this will blow your mind and brain. Intricated or some most obvious levels you will get into, identify them, and solve the level. There are no impossibles and exceptions. Leave not a single possibility to solve the problem. Because when you find yourself in the brain teasers, how can't you yet try 'Brain King'? Do you love problems? We love making the trickiest of them for you. Yeah! You heard it right! Before you dive into the game, a friendly notification: 'normal thinking' is no use. Hold on to divergent thinking and better take hands-off 'hints.'


  • The game consists of over 200 levels with super good graphics and catchy storylines.
  • Solve the levels analyzing the problem, and figure out a solution from what you think will proceed.
  • Every possibility your brain struck on is undeniable.
  • Continuity is vital as levels you get on to asks for it.
  • Memorizing and attention are essential.
  • Just deliver and proceed with your answer without the help of the hint given.
  • Making you think is what we do. so hesitate not to make mistakes to find yourself getting hold of the right solution soon.

Main Features

JUMP into the Brain King and explore your intelligence through the funniest and precarious ways! A whole lot of unexpected operations and tasks in the most relaxed atmosphere! Now, that is a match made in heaven for problem-seeking IQ players!

  • You can download Brain King for free
  • In-app purchases available
  • Multi-Language supported
  • Spin the fortune wheel to get exciting prizes
  • Choose whatever avatar you want for your profile
  • Unlock Rank badges for passing more and more levels