Mansion Scapes

Jump into an exciting tap-and-blast game to unravel the huge surprise waiting for you! Far from you, beside a lake, a grand cottage stands in all its huge size and classic beauty. Unfortunately, the old mansion has lost its royal classy look without proper maintenance. You must win each puzzle level to unlock and decorate different areas of the mansion, restoring its former royalty. The history behind the mansion's renovation begins when an elderly man gifted it to his granddaughter, Kiara. Throughout this journey, Kiara has her beloved dog, Jake, by her side. Challenging puzzles will tease your brain, but you can enjoy breaking cubes and collecting rewards to make your journey easier. Experience the fun, mysterious, and classy game filled with rewards, surprises, challenges, and more to keep you excited!


  • Tap and blast the adjacent same color cubes and achieve target mentioned above each levels
  • You can win stars as rewards winning each levels to utilize for unlocking mansion areas
  • Boosters and power boosters can be unlocked at each levels
  • Both bravey and IQ have to be combined to win the exciting puzzles
  • Utilize coin chest, boosters, and events in proper situation to gain a lead


  • Designed with exciting match 3 puzzles and fun levels!
  • Collect plenty of stars as rewards.
  • Boosters and power boosters to fuel your levels.
  • Local and global events to gain an advantage.
  • Mesmerizing mansion areas unlocking at each level.
  • Hidden treasures and coin chests to boost you.