Run Baby Run

Run Baby Run is a mysterious journey where you can experience fears, anger, joy, fun, sadness, surprises, and more! Winning each level will unfold mysteries hidden to challenge you and ignite your excitement. Get ready for a whimsical expedition of a girl searching for her lost puppy, Oreo. Each level demands your bravery and IQ to conquer the challenges before you. You as a gamer will face odd creatures, unexpected dangers, horrible threats, and surprises, all in the pursuit of reaching higher levels. Make daring choices to move ahead and overcome the riskier levels, ultimately reaching your destination. Enjoy multiple tricky and uncompromising levels full of troubles, threats, creatures, and rivals that will test your thinking and actions.


  • You will end up in a destination full of troubles, threats and challenges.
  • The ultimate aim of the gamer is to survive the place and move ahead.
  • Each level consists of multiple images and choosing the right image leads you to the next level.
  • Clearing each destination will take you to another and helps you reach the final destination.

Main Features

Stay in and experience the challenge of solving the most hazardous and stimulating movie game that you find. Whether you are searching for puzzled up levels, brainteasers, or tricky tests, you have landed at the right place!

  • Combination of exploration and survival
  • Playful and outstanding visuals
  • Real game experience
  • Multiple choice options to win levels
  • For challenge seekers and adventures